7 Reasons Why Resin Art Makes The Perfect Gift

7 Reasons Why Resin Art Makes The Perfect Gift

Handmade gifts and art in particular is one of the best ways to show love and gratitude. This is especially true for the art of wood and epoxy resin, because it is unique and different. Everyone will appreciate such a gift because it is original and no one else will have the same.

Is epoxy resin a good gift?

For a long time, art has not only been about decoration at home of the office. Nowadays, it can be useful in the form of serving boards, coasters, tables and more.

1. Resin art is unique

The art of epoxy resin and wood is unique because it offers interesting designs, rich colors and incomparable quality. Each product is different and this ensures that the gift you give is unique and unrepeatable. This makes the gift much more intimate and creates a special bond between you and the recipient.

2. It is personal

    Giving handmade art is personal, because it is a symbol of interest in the person to whom you give it and show the desire you put into choosing the gift. Giving an art gift is an expression of gratitude in its purest form. The recipient will understand that you have put a lot of effort into choosing a suitable and original gift.

    3. A gift that lasts a very long time (forever)

    We all know that very often people give gifts such as perfumes, clothes, shoes and other things that are not preserved in time and after a few years are thrown away or ruined. These are very easy to chose gift options and that is why they are preferred. But when you give a handmade board / coasters and other similar products, you will surely stand out from everyone and the recipient will remember your gift. Apart from remembering it, he will be able to use it for many, many years and decorate the home or office.

    See all models and colors here:

    Large Serving Boards
    Small Serving Boards

    4. It is not always expensive

      Maybe when you hear art you imagine something expensive and think that such a gift would be out of your budget? No, actually it's not like that. We at Epoxее offer a wide variety of handmade boards and coastres made of wood and epoxy resin that are affordable as well. They are available to everyone and we assure you that such a gift is worthwhile and it is a must for every home.

      5. The recipient of the gift will not know exactly how much you paid

      Most likely you happen to give a gift to a loved one and she or he can easily find out the price. This might lead to an inconvenient moment whether the price is high or low. Epoxy artwork saves you in this regard. Because this is a unique work that you will not find in the local market or in casual stores. The recipient will never know how much exactly you spent on the gift. 

      6. Eco-conscious gift, which won`t end up in the garbage

      The best part of gifting epoxy resin art is it will never fall under the clutter category. Even after many years, this one artistic gift can continue to be the centre art piece in the dining room or living room of your loved ones’ home. Moreover, epoxy resin art is not damaging the environment. Additionally, we at Epoxee use some of the profits to plant the new trees to compensate for the wood used in our production. 

      7. It is something they might never buy themselves

      Even connoisseurs of art are still not well acquainted with the art of epoxy resin and have not adopted it widely, because it is relatively new and is just getting more and more popular. This can be a great opportunity to introduce them to the beautiful world of wood and resin. Last but not least, if you give such a gift to a person who is not engaged in art for now, it is a way to acquaint him with the beautiful world of epoxy art.

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