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How to add a pop of colour to your interiors using epoxy resin decor

Instagram Reels and TikTok have been game changers for the DIY decor trends.  In the last couple of years, these kinds of videos have been breaking the views record. One such trend is making full-scale river tables using epoxy resin. The joy of creating different shapes, preserving dried flowers or pairing them with wood, is therapeutic as you cast the liquid resin and wait for it to solidify. Different handmade artists are now using epoxy resin to create wall art, furniture, serving boards et al to create statement pieces for your house. 

River Tables and Full-Size Furniture

The best thing about having a table or furniture made of epoxy resin and wood is that they come in a diverse range of colours and designs. The options are limitless and you can find pieces for every taste. They are so unique and eye-catching that for sure will be a colourful focal point of your living room.

If you intend to shop for a dining table, coffee table or an impressive desk for your office, an epoxy table may be your perfect match. The best thing is you can customize epoxy tables to perfectly fit your desired aesthetic - from the type of wood to the endless colours of raisin. 

Moreover, the resin table is very durable and can last for decades. Once the resin hardens, it results in a long-lasting solid surface. The glossy finish lasts for many years, and you don't need to reapply the coat. Unlike other tabletop materials and coating, the durable finish of resins does not crack. Additional benefits of having an epoxy table are its food-safe touch, easy-to-clean surface, and resistance to the growth of bacteria and moulds. 

After all of the benefits mentioned above we can’t think of a better durable one-of-a-kind statement piece that all your friends will be jealous of?!

If you're ready to spice up your living space with a beautiful epoxy table, take a look at our creations for inspiration.

Serving Boards and Coasters

One of the best ways to add a bit of pop of colour to your kitchen is with an alluring epoxy resin serving board. What makes them so special is the essence of the products they are made of. Since the shape of the wood is unique, each board is a masterpiece of its own. Given the endless choices of colour resin, you can have the most amazing combinations to add to your home aesthetics.

Аpart for decoration, the boards can be also used as a charcuterie board to serve all of your favourite appetizers. The combination of solid wood and epoxy resin will for sure impress even your most pretentious guests. Note that even though most boards are coated with high-quality mineral oil to protect them, it is not advised to cut anything directly on them, as this can damage their surface. 

Inspired by the colours of nature, we have crafted a collection to recreate the beautiful palette of the warmer months and bring it into your home. Check it out here


There are a lot of artistic expressions that can be created using epoxy resin. You may even consider indulging yourself and livening up your home with these artworks, by creating ones yourself

The options are endless from wall art to cabinet or door knobs the choice is yours to create whatever you want. All you will need is your imagination, some epoxy resin and the freedom to craft your wildest ideas.

To help you start your resin art project we have all of the needed supplies conveniently displayed on our website.  At Epoxee we are an official representative and distributor of EcoPoxy - a bio-based resin, colour pigments, and glitters made from renewable resources. We offer epoxy resin in different quantities, as well as a variety of pigments - liquid, glitter and metallic ones. 

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