About Epoxee

Our young, innovative, and enthusiastic team was founded with the idea to bring creativity to your everyday life by fusing epoxy resin and wood in unique shapes. 

The company idea was born in March 2021, and soon after, everyone could touch our first products.


Our mission is to bring uniqueness and style to your dream home or office through the exclusive combination of wood and epoxy resin.We want to provide the opportunity to every one of our clients with the help of a few clicks to easily and conveniently visualize the desired product, which we will produce with the highest quality standard. Every customer will have the opportunity to be an artist and create a unique product according to their own plan, choosing from different types of wood shapes, materials, and colors.

We believe that it is our obligation to take care of nature. Therefore, we are committed to compensating the wood resources needed for creating our products by planting new trees, as nature conservation is one of the main priorities for the company.


We are very excited when it comes to furnishing the dream home and office. We believe this is one of the important events in the life of every person. That is why we believe that every home and office should have a touch of uniqueness that expresses its owner's identity and character.The furnishing process should stimulate creativity, and it should be easy, comfortable, and fun, accompanied by emotions, passion, and optimism for the future. That's why each client should also be well involved in this unique transformation.

We are fully aware that our business impacts nature, so we are committed to donating part of the company's profits for planting new trees.


Our goal is to offer our customers:

Unique, high-quality, handmade furniture and accessories for the home and office.

Unique digital experience on our site, providing the opportunity for configuration and visualization of your dream furniture as close as possible to the final product.

Last but not least: To reduce the harmful consequences of our activities on nature by planting one tree for each table sold and one tree for every ten serving boards sold.